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Successful Project Management

Nowadays the most successful project management model is Agile

Interaction with the customer

Agile project management allows you to interact with your customers in every part of the project. The resulting product will be in the direction desired by the customer. The problems arising from the miscommunication cease to exist.

Fast and secure decisions

Agile project management allows you to adapt quickly to variable technologies, changing decisions and customer requests. A change made at any time of the project will not adversely affect the overall performance.

Prototype and version management

Agile project management gives great importance to prototyping and versioning. This allows you to create a tangible product, even if a small portion of the project is yet to be completed.

Adabtable flexible design

The agile board is where you will spend your whole day. Your first priority should be the agile board that you use is fully compatible with you. Witagile allows you to design your space entirely as you wish.

Use a tool tailor made for you

You know the best about sector of your company, the conditions you have and the structure of your team. Turn your opportunities into advantage with a flexible tool.

Divide, authorize and manage!

Use automated processes, set up your warning systems. Divide your squads into smaller parts, guide your authorizations and leave the rest to Witagile; do not spend your energy to organize your team.

Set your own rules

Do not waste time with the Project Management Tools that impose their own rules to you. You are the boss, you set the rules. Organize your own work platform as you desire.

Use a sufficient tool

Using simple todo lists may end up with buying different software for each need and integrate all of them to your project. Use a complete and flexible tool to fulfil your needs.

Achieve success using agile methodologies

Leave traditional project management to one side, use prosperous agile methodologies. Boost your customer satisfaction, motivate your team fully, reach success!

Manage your project budgets too

Manage the expenses, billing and budget visually. Make sure that your staff who works on the project submit expenses and upload digital copies of receipts regarding those expenses.

We always have time for you

Do not hesitate to contact us via ticket system for any problem, whether it is big or small. It makes us happy to create solutions for all of our users.

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