Create your own agile project management tool

Establish a structure specific to each project according to the number of staff,
the way you use agile methodologies, and the process of your projects.

Agile Board

Follow everything via agile board

Do not think of the agile board as a concept where only tasks are managed.
Look at the big picture of the project through the agile board, do your planning accordig to that.

Version management

Manage release and sprint on the agile board, correlate with calendar!

Work overview

Watch Epic and Stories on the board, see how much of the work is done.

Task and technical works

Manage your tasks via agile board, overview in general or focus on a single story.

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Email notifications
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Integrations
  • Useful reports and charts
  • Customizable dashboard and widgets
  • Flexible agile board
  • Optional release, sprint, epic and stories
  • Advanced task management system
  • Task logging and activity stream
  • Task Labels, Subtasks and Attachments
  • Expenses and Budget Management
  • Board scope and zoom systems
  • Custom statuses and workflow management
  • Advanced theme and color options
  • 7 / 24 Support
Create a responsibility chain
Assign responsibilities at all levels from Release to Task, establish a chain of responsibility.
Manage authorizations
Organize management in a practical way with simple and useful authorizations.
Track task activity
Follow all operations on tasks on the Task History page.
Create a custom dashboard
Edit your own dashboard and widgets, choose what you want to follow.
Focus wherever you want
From Releases to the tasks just in a User Story, zoom to the desired area.
Work with labels
Use multiple labels to your tasks, categorize your work.
Set up your system just in a few minutes
Sign up with your e-mail account and quickly create your Witagile workspace account in minutes.
Create Your Team
Invite your team members
Add all your team to the system in a few minutes by entering their e-mail addresses.
First Project
Create your first project
When creating your first project, select thes tructures you want to use from Release, Sprint, Epic, and User Story.
Personalize your dashboard
Create your own custom dashboard, use your favorite widgets, and easily track your projects.
Project Structure
Edit the general structure of the project
Assign project members, edit authorizations, create your first Release and Sprint.
Follow-up and Analysis
Review the reports, follow the process
Review reports such as Burndown, User Efficiency, and Project Progression, and follow the process.
Successful Results
Achieve success with good tool
Achieve success with fast and easy management and maximum customer satisfaction!

Agile Project Management

Simple, Useful and Powerful

Witagile does not require any prior knowledge
But allows you to use agile methodologies until the end.

The most flexible agile PM tool

Witagile has a flexible and easy-to-use project configuration system. Each project is different in terms of process and scope. For this reason, you may not need to use all of the containers such as Release, Sprint, Epic and User Story on each project. With Witagle, you can activate and deactivate some of these containers in each project. Witagile is the only agile project management that offers you this flexibly.

Create your custom workflow

Witagile allows you to create unlimited number of task statuses on agile board. You can create a specific user responsibility for each status, and automate the process of tasks. You can categorize these task statuses in general as Not Started, In Progress and Completed. You can follow the statuses and processes of the tasks in reports.

Useful Agile Board

You can easily manage tasks through the agile board. You can customize the columns as you wish, and change its appearance. You can change specific task settings quickly through the board. You can define Epic and Story under Release and Sprints. You should definitely try the Agile Board, which we can not summarize with a few sentences.

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