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Track the Process

Your customers are not interested in how you do business or how you plan.
The important thing is to manage and track the job steps in an easy way.

On the agile board, follow the project at the desired angle. As you can follow the versions through the Release board, you can manage User Stories too. In the same design, you can analyze big picture or you can go in detail and view tasks.
Customize your widgets on your Dashboard. Place the reports and tasks of the works and projects which you work on, wherever you want them on your page. Get a quick overview of Burndown and Progression information.
Review the reports page for detailed business process analysis. Analyze the whole project from different perspectives, from user productivity reports to business process follow-up reports, from Burndown reports which is indispensable to Agile project management, to business efficiency.

Embrace innovation

Do not be one of the companies that falls behind from their rivals and shrink,
adapt to technological developments and changing business world.

Millions of companies can not be wrong

Being increasingly popular nowadays, agile project management techniques are preferred by more and more companies every day. Successful companies are now abandoning traditional project management methodologies and preffering agile methodologies.

Project management of future: Agile

According to many researches, the proportion of projects that succeeded in companies using agile project management is much higher than those using traditional project methods. This success is an important proof that your future project management techniques will be based on the agile.

Team motivation

Whatever sector you are in, no matter what business you are doing,
If you have a well motivated team committed to success, you always achieve it.


Only with a totally transparent project planning, your team members can follow the all the process.


Your team members can assume the responsibilities of the tasks themselves.

Easy and simple usage

Using a PM tool with a simple appearance and easy operation will not torture your team.

Fair task sharing

Follow the number of tasks and working time and make a fair distribution.

Responsibility chain

Create a responsibility chain without overburdening anyone.

Innovative project management

Always be one step ahead with the PM tool you use.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are delighted to keep track of what they will receive.

Agile methodologies are designed to keep your interaction with the customer at the maximum level during your product development phase.

You can also provide your customers a user account to give them opportunity to be inside the project as an observer.

customer satisfaction
They are the widest part of the project. They are usually used for product deliveries or versioning.
Sprints / Iterations
Sprints / Iterations
They are structures that represent works to be done in a specific time interval for the project.
They represent comprehensive works to be done from the perspective of your customers. They can spread to more than one sprint.
User Stories
User Stories
They represent the works to be done from the perspective of your customers. They can only be in one sprint.
They represent each work to be done in the projects. They can only be in the responsibility of a single user.
They represent a small todo list for each task.
Task Comments
Task Comments
Messages written for each task's own discussion area.
Attached files to each task. You can upload files directly from your computer, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox.

Manage Your Budget

When managing your project, budget management is very important as well as task sharing and process follow-up.

Manage the limits you set for expenses, billing and budget visually; make sure that your staff working
on the project submit expenses, and add digital copies of receipts regarding those expenses.

  • Transportation Expenses
  • Labor cost
  • Billed Expenses
  • Budget Limit

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